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Düz Lise 10.Sınıf Coursebook Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 8-9-10-11-12

1- will you stil be doing your homework when I get back
2- will you stil be typing thrm when I get back
3- will you stil be cleaning the windows when I get back
4- will you stil be drawing a picture of a volcano when I get back
5- will you stil be reading it when I get back
6- will you stil be develeping it when I get back
7- will you stil be mending them when I get back
8- will you stil be building it when I get back
9- will you stil be practising it when I get back
10- will you stil be writing it when I get back


1- I’m afraid I won’t be able to I’ll be preparing for history test
2- I’m afraid I won’t be able to I’ll be preparing for holiday
3- I’m afraid I won’t be able to I’ll be meeting some ffriends at the bus station
4- I’m afraid I won’t be able to I’ll be looking after my sister
5- I’m afraid I won’t be able to I’ll be taking driving test


1- because I’ll be having a swimming lesson
2- because I’ll be working late in the office
3- because he’ll be attending a meeting
4- because I’ll be having a both
5- because he’ll be performing on operation
6- because he’ll be rehearsing
7- because she’ll be playing tenis
8- because they’ll be staying with friens

SAYFA 10-11

1- ali can speak french so can Ahmet
2- 4A will be having a physics test on Monday so will 4B
3- brian has developed all his film so has Peter
4- the student must be at school by 9.00 so must the teacher
5- George **nt to the library yesterday so did bill
Anadolu lisesi düz lise ve meslek lisesi coursebook breeze new brıde success for grade 10 pre ıntermediate cevapları Lise 1 lise 2 lise 3 lise 4 9,10,11,12 sınıflar ful ingilizce cevapları

1- the soup wasn’t very hot. Neither was the meat
2- the browns have never been abroad. Neither have the greens
3- ayşe doesn’t understand german at all. Neither does Zehra
4- they haven’t finished packing their suitcases yet. Neither have **
5- the car hadn’t been badlly damaged. Neither had the lorry

1- Ercan has not been listening carefully and neither has Ahmet
2- Sibel will be travelling to Antalya by bus and so will Ahmet
3- zeki had never seen a kangaroo before and neither had Ahmet
4- Nihat must finish the experiment before lunch and so must Ahmet
5- Oktay only reads science fiction ***s and so does Ahmet
6- meral made two rells in the physics lesson and so did Ahmet
7- kemal enjoyed the film very much indeed and so did Ahmet
8- nevzat doesn’t know much about agriculture and farming and neither does Ahmet
9- Ayhan agreed that footbaall was a beter game then tenis and so did Ahmet
10- neşe believes tahat there are people on the moon and so does ahmet

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