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1- will you stil be doing your homework when I get back
2- will you stil be typing thrm when I get back
3- will you stil be cleaning the windows when I get back
4- will you stil be drawing a picture of a volcano when I get back
5- will you stil be reading it when I get back
6- will you stil be develeping it when I get back
7- will you stil be mending them when I get back
8- will you stil be building it when I get back
9- will you stil be practising it when I get back
10- will you stil be writing it when I get back

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10.S?n?f Coursebook Cevaplar? sayfa 15-21 aras?

Sayfa 15:

1.Music, film, regilious, youth festivals are celebrated in the world.
2.The aims of the festivals are to gather people from different cultures and to unify people of the same culture.
3.According to the kind of the festival, the area is decorated customes are worn.
4.Yes ?stanbul International film Festival, International ?zmir Film Festival, Efes International Festival of culture and tourism, Marmaris International Yachting Festival...

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10.S?n?f Coursebook Cevaplar? sayfa 22-35 aras?

Sayfa 22:

d bölümü:

e bölümü:

1.No, she didn't.
2.He described the thief as vvearing a brown jacket.He was a short fat man and he was also vvearing glasses.
3.Yes,he did.
4.They wanted them to trust them and not to panic.

g bölümü:

1...she lived in the houseopposite.
2....they had seen four young people.
3....the boys hadn't seen him entering.
4....he could be a guest in the house.


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